Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Online Slots

Online slot is a simple yet exciting game that players of all ages love. One reason for the popularity of slots is its various themes and exciting bonuses. You get to feast your eyes and ears on great visuals and sound effects and play with ease by simply placing a bet and then clicking the Spin button. When the symbols on the reels stop spinning and form a winning combination, you get a prize.

The reward will vary; it can be in the form of coins, free spins, or other prizes. But before you find the rewarding incentives of the best slots in the iGaming industry, learn more about the different slot rules and terms to familiarize yourself with the game.

Components of a Slot Game

Before we head to the rules, it is better that you know https://hrchevydeals.com/ first the different parts of a slot game. This way, you have an idea how each feature or function works and how you can customize your game session. Here are the different parts of the game:

  1. Payline – This is a line on which winning combos are formed. When matching symbols land on a payline, you get a reward. The number of paylines varies, depending on the slot; some have 10 while others have 243. And while others have payline counts that you can adjust, some have numbers of paylines that are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
  2. View Payout Window – This window, also called as Pay Table Window, will show you the corresponding rewards that you will get for each winning combination. This will give you an idea on which symbols are high paying and which are not.
  3. Spin Button — This button will cue the reels to spin. Other slot games have an Auto Spin button through which you no longer have to manually click the Spin button to play.
  4. Current Wins Window – This window will show the total wins that you have received throughout the game. This way, you can monitor how much you are getting every time you hit a combination.
  5. Bet Max Button – This button will automatically activate all paylines. It will also make you bet the maximum amount per payline.
  6. Bet Window-This window shows your current bet on all the activated paylines.
  7. Select Coins Button – This button allows you to set your bet. You have the option to wager any amount as you like as long as it is within the range of the minimum and maximum bet allowed per spin.
  8. Coins Window – This window shows the number of coins you have wagered on a single payline.
  9. Select Lines Button – This button lets you choose how many paylines you want to activate.
  10. Lines Window – This shows how many paylines are active in the game.
  11. Adjustment Buttons –These buttons are used when you want to change the number of coins, bets, and lines in your game.
  12. Help Button –This button will redirect you to the general rules of the game. It will also answer your questions regarding the game.
  13. Balance Window – This window shows your initial amount of game credits before you start the game.

The components will vary per slot game, so do not be surprised if you do not see some of the parts mentioned in your chosen slot. Make sure to know the function of each component to maximize your game session.

Slot Game Rules

Each slot title has a different set of game buttons and functions, but all slots take on the same basic rules and gameplay. The A-B-C of slot gaming just goes by the following:

  1. Select your desired number of paylines. But if your chosen game features fixed paylines or a fixed set of 243 ways to win, you do not need to adjust any payline count anymore.
  2. Place your bet. How you can indicate how much you want to wager per spin depends on the slot game. While some slots simply ask you to adjust the bet per spin, others allow you to indicate your desired coin value or denomination, stake per line, or even your stake per spin. If you want to always wager the maximum bet, you are lucky if the slot features a Max Bet button. This function lets you easily place the highest bet as well as command the reels to eventually spin.
  3. Spin the reels. When the number of paylines and amount of wager are all set, click the Spin button and wait for the reels to stop. When winning combos appear based on the pay table, you win the corresponding prize. Check also if there is an Auto Play option. This feature allows you to leave the reels spinning continually for a definite number of times.

While these are the basic rules governing slots, some games incorporate twists into the gameplay. Mini-games are added to break monotony. Bet ranges are varied to help you have better control of your wagers. And the values of icons are diversified to make the game more rewarding.

Bonuses and Special Features

To grab your attention, most slots offer you rewarding bonuses. Some slots have a unique way of triggering special features like bonus mini-games activated when a combination that consists of bonus symbols land on a payline.

The bonuses may be simple “pick me” modes in which you select one or more rewards among a selection of random prizes. Some games even have arcade types of mini-games, taking you to a different game screen with steps or rounds that give more payouts as the mini-game objectives are fulfilled. Simply put, these bonus features are what take you away temporarily from the base spin-the-reel game.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Some slots set a limit to how much you can wager. You will come across slots with a minimum bet ranging from 1 coin to as low as 0.01 coins. Meanwhile, the max bets can go from 3 coins to as much as 100 coins, depending on the game.

If you are a consecutive bettor, settle for a slot with a low bet range. But if you are an aggressive gamer, you had better play a game that lets you place a high max bet.

Symbol Values

In a slot game, each symbol has a corresponding value. In this case, it would be best that you check the symbol values before you play to know which symbol pays the highest. For example, in Cashville slots, the Money symbol is worth 120 coins if you can combine five matching symbols. Meanwhile, if you can make a five-match combination of Betty Boodle symbol or any character, you can get 10,000 coins.

These are just some of the common slot rules that you can find. As previously mentioned, the game rules may change depending on the theme and features of the game. So be sure to check the Help section to know how you can go about playing your chosen slot.

Common Slots Terms You Will Encounter

You will come across different slot terms when you start playing online slots. Check out this mini-glossary that will help you better understand the game:

  1. Bonus Feature – The bonus feature will give you a chance to earn small prizes. In can be in a form of a mini-game, a set of free spins, or simply a random cash reward. But, the set of bonuses you can trigger will, of course, depend on the slot game you chose.
  2. Classic Slot – It is a traditional slot game that has three reels and only one payline.
  3. Coin Size – This determines how much each coin is worth.
  4. Free Spins – You can spin the reels without betting coins through the free spins. But you can get these only from the game’s bonuses or the casino’s rewards.
  5. Hit – It means a winning spin.
  6. Jackpot – This is the grand prize that you can get from the game.
  7. Loose Slot – This is a type of slot that offers a high payout percentage.
  8. Multiplier – This special feature multiplies the amount of wins that you can get from a combination by two or more times.
  9. Payout Percentage – This is the total percentage of the stakes that the game can give its winners.
  10. Reels – These are where the symbols are placed and where the spinning takes place. Reels are also called rotating barrels by land-based casino players.
  11. Scatter – This is a symbol that can trigger bonuses or give you special prizes.
  12. Stacked Wilds – This is a group of Wild symbols that are aligned vertically.
  13. Symbol – It is the image or an icon found on the reels used to make a winning combination.
  14. Wild – This is a symbol that can replace other symbols on the reels except for the Scatter.
  15. Winning Combination – This is a group of matched symbols that can give you rewards.

It is always better if you are fully equipped when you play slots or any other games. Now that you know the components, rules, and terms used in online slots, you are now ready to test your knowledge, and luck, by spinning the reels. But if you think you need know some more slot gaming tips, go to HappiStar Tips today.

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