5 Tips for Maintaining Account Security and Steps to Try in Online Ball Deposit Credit

Always Obey the Rules
Following the rules that have been determined by the agent is an obligation. This is done if you want all your soccer betting activities to run safely and smoothly. So after registering, first read all the provisions of the agent. Includes how to make transactions, bet, aim for jackpots and bonuses, withdraw profits, and many others.

Take advantage of the Forgot Password feature
The forgot password feature can be found at the bottom of the login menu. Always take sbobet88 indonesia advantage of this feature, when you forget your password. Because rather than having the account frozen, it’s better to follow the steps for creating a new password. Most importantly, always make sure you don’t get your password wrong more than three times.

Try Using Alternative Links or Applications
Actually, your account can also be prone to blocking when playing through the main site that is being blocked by the government. So to avoid this, try playing via alternative links when the main site crashes. If not, also take advantage of the application services that are often provided by the best soccer agents.

Contact Agent When Blocked
While the tips that are worth trying when they are already blocked are to always contact the agent first. It can be via online CS, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, or other contacts who are the fastest to respond. Then ask the reason for the freeze. Also ask if it is still possible if the account and balance are returned.

Follow CS Directions
Later when the answer is yes, you just have to follow the next directions. Generally, the account return stage is carried out via a registered active email. This stage requires you to confirm your personal data first. Then the last step is to create a new password before the account can be used again.

Please note that the loss when the account is frozen is not only not being able to bet on football through the agent anymore. However, another result is that the balance or saved money is also lost. That is why bettors try their best so that the account is not blocked, especially when there is a lot of money stored in the balance.

Later if it cannot be returned, then you are required to create a new soccer betting account if you still want to bet. That’s why always make sure to understand the rules and follow them. So that the online soccer agent doesn’t think your account is dangerous and takes the blocking step.

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