4 Pointers to Follow Before Joining an Online Slot Tournament

Known for their stellar grandeur, slots have a straightforward gameplay. You spin the reels and get the chance to win big by hitting a pay line. Then, you repeat this monotonous process until you decide to end the spinning spree.

But picture this, you are competing against thousands of slot players around the world and spinning your way to winning huge prize pools. That is what online slot tournaments are for. It is a slot competition in which you must earn as many points as you can in a limited period. Your status, as well as the other players’ rank, will be posted on a leaderboard. The top players will win the jackpot pool.

Playing slots do not have to be a lonely activity, and online slot https://edwardmcauliffe.com/ tournament is a perfect choice to spice up your spinning experience. But before beginning your spinning adventure, check out these essential pointers that may just be your key to leading the tourney.

1| Know the Different Types of Online Slot Tournaments
There are various types of online slot tournaments to join. Although they may differ in terms of gameplay, terms, or the number of players involved in the match, the essence of the game remains–to win. Here are the different types of slot tournaments to help you get started.

Free Roll Tournament

If you want to join a slot tournament without risking your bankroll, join a free roll slot tournament. Free rolls are slot matches that allow you to play without purchasing a buy-in. Simply join the match and play. Most online casinos provide the slot games applicable to the match and set your time limit. The more credits you earn during your allotted time, the higher your rank will be.

Feeder Tournament

Feeder tournament typically works the same way as a regular slot tournament. You compete with other players and earn points to increase your rank. The difference is, instead of offering a cash prize pool, this slot tournament rewards you with a free entry to a bigger slot tournament.

Sit-and-Go Tournament

If you want to play with a lesser crowd, then opt for sit-and-go tournament. This slot match typically involves five to six players at a time, so expect the prize pool to be lower compared with that of major slot tournaments. More participants call for larger prize pools as the accumulated buy-in, or the entry fee for slot tournaments, contributes to the jackpot. Sit-and-go tournaments do not have a scheduled time; when all the needed number of players is hit, the game will begin.

Survivor Tournament

This type of slot tournament is a perfect choice for those who seek a riveting spinning experience. Survivor tournament, as the name suggests, is a knockout slot match. It typically features three rounds lasting for only a few minutes. Each round features the same rules and games. During the first round, all players will play the game. Then, only the players that earned the highest points, typically 50% of the participants, will proceed to round two. Lastly, the highest-ranked players from the remaining 50% remain will move forward to the final round. Betting sites usually award the top ten players or the survivors.

With this wide choice of slot tournament options, you will definitely find the match for you. If you are still undecided, you can try each variant and pick what will suit your preference.

2| Learn the Tournament’s Special Features
Playing games is more fun if there are special features. Whether you feel like starting your slot game all over again or continue your winning streak, you can make use of several special features that are exclusively for slot tournaments.


If you do not like how your slot tournament turns out, you can start the game in a clean slate with the Rebuy feature. As the name suggests, Rebuy allows you to join the tournament again by re-purchasing an entry. Keep in mind though that opting for this feature restores your original set of credits and restores your winnings to zero. Then, whatever score you have acquired in the Rebuy round goes to the leaderboard.


Add-ons help you boost your score by extending your initial time limit after your original time runs out. Unlike Rebuy, this special feature does not reset your credits and winnings to zero. You continue playing the game with your base score, allowing you to earn more points.


Some slot tournaments offer a Continue feature which you can use to buy more credits while the game is currently in action. Continue feature neither extends your allotted tournament time nor resets your credits. Instead, it allows you to continue where you left off. Doing so gives you the chance to increase your score and get a higher rank until your time limit is elapsed.

Note that these special features are not free. Even so, acquiring them when you need them will significantly increase your chances of winning more points and climb your way up the leaderboard.

3| Maximize Your Experience by Playing Smart

Winning slot games involve luck, but you can maximize your betting experience by playing smart. Slot tournaments involve fast-paced action. You are given only a few minutes to play per round. With this in mind, you should aim to spin as many times as you can. Maximize all the online credits given so that you can grab all the points you can before the time is up.

In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the gameplay of the slots featured in the match before you join. By doing so, you will not be distracted when video slot bonus features appear during the game. Remember, slot tournaments are time-bound. Every second counts, so you should make the most out of your game.

If you are new to slots, consider expanding your betting adventure by trying out other variants of slot games. You can check out some winning tips when playing progressive slots and video slots to help you play smart.

4| Understand the Pros and Cons of Online Slot Tournaments
Slot tournaments, like most casino games, have their own set of positives and negatives. Knowing the pros and cons of the competition will help you understand how the tourney works.

Let us start with the pros. Slot tournaments help you monitor your bankroll easily. You only pay for the buy-ins so you know exactly how much you are spending. In contrast, individual slots require you to pay for every spin, which can lead you to spending more than what you intend.

Another favorable aspect of slot tournaments is they offer you many chances to win. You can opt for an Add-on or a Continue if you want to maximize your wins. On the other hand, the Rebuy feature is also available if you are experiencing a losing streak and you want to start again.

On the downside, slot tournaments are strictly time-restricted, so you do not have the freedom to decide when and for how long you want to play. In addition, some slot matches feature only a few slot games for the tournament. This might limit you from enjoying your favorite slots.

With these tips and tricks, you can confidently kick-start your slot tournament experience the right way. To learn more gaming tips, guides, and tutorials, check out HappiStar Tips.

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